“I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think.” -Socrates

I suppose there is some explaining to do.

The reasons for this are numerous and somewhat out of character. I am not one to bring too much attention to myself, other than in the usual context of being with those you trust. Nor am I prone to putting my life in other people’s faces, flattering myself in an egotistical binge of self-importance. However, I do believe that doing things out of your comfort zone can be an exhilarating and healthy exercise.

The reason I refer to myself here as an everyday nobody is that I am not a person of great accomplishment or great admiration. In my short life I have met seemingly countless people from all types of backgrounds, often quite unassuming about who they are and how they got to be that way. There is something indescribably fascinating about their thoughts and philosophies regardless of their education or lack thereof. Nobody has the exact same experiences, and thus we cannot expect to view the world the same way. By sharing your inner most thoughts, morals, and opinions, you can aid others in their own search of themselves because regardless of admitting it openly or not, it’s what we all truly seek and what we all truly crave.

We can take equal stock in the musings of a neighbor across the street just as we do a great academic writer or an inspiring poet. Sometimes we simply don’t have the candor or the eloquence to formulate our thoughts into digestible, finely tuned nuggets of wisdom and beautiful soundbites, but that does not make truth any less true to the cashier at your local market than it does to an accomplished and celebrated intellectual, or make their view of the world any less significant.

There is a free market of ideas that many of us are blessed to have. It serves no purpose to exist if it is not acknowledged and acted upon. I don’t pretend to have answers, or even pretend to have all the questions, but I do believe that people can take something out of what I say just the same as I have shamelessly plagiarized the wisdom of others. Not all of us can articulate every thought or feeling we have so there is great currency in feeling that somebody is speaking your inner language. I can struggle with finding the words, and perhaps sometimes the words don’t exist, but when I see or hear something that speaks to me, there is no greater feeling of liberation.

I promised myself to write for my own catharsis, and if somebody takes stock in anything I say, then inspiring them to think for themselves is a byproduct I can live with. If not, I’ll still be the same nobody I was yesterday and will be tomorrow. And I’m good with that.